Sunday, 20 March 2011

Spring is here daffodills are out and temperature reaches 14 degrees

That's it winter is officially over. Time to get blogging again.The winter work took us away to High Wycombe, Wimbledon and Ironbridge none of which were in daily driving distance so Hotels /pubs were home for a while.

I won't be saying much about the hotel in Luton but something of the others:

The most noteable were The Kings Arms Hotel Hampton Court where I wrote a review as follows: + The Swan at Bridgenorth (see below)

Our stay at the Kings Arms Hotel :

This hotel has a very good location with more than pleasant surroundings and easy access to rail. I guess parking could be problematic sometimes but we found space without too much problem.

Breakfast was excellent and the rooms had great character.

What impressed me most was the attitude of all of the staff without exception. We were greeted and dealt with in a pleasant open and straightforward way. Everyone made us feel totally welcome.

I stay away from home a lot and my own hotel test was passed with flying colours. I leave a teddy bear (really he is an orangutan) in my room. Noella bought him for me and he reminds me of home. Not only was he placed back on my bed each day but the room staff arranged him with care.

This hotel scores ten out of ten as a home from home.

On to Ironbridge for a bigger job and more staying away.

The Ironbridge job found us staying at The Swan at Bridgenorth. The Bear (the pub that is) made a mess of our booking thats how we found the Swan - A good old fashioned pub with excellent service.

This is how Congo was looked after at the Swan

He was placed on the bed every day - one day they sat him on the bed head with earphones on keeping up to date with news and sport (even left my radio on tuned to five live)  Score fifteen out of ten another excellent home from home!!!!!

Our next two jobs are on the doorstep so Congo stays at home.

here is photo of my dashboard:

Future stays near Telford may be here (client has invited us to stay in this fantastic lodge - guess who built it)

BBQ season is here see our new range at

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