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Pinterest is going well!!!

 It has been about 2 years now since I decided to create my own set of Pinterest boards and a LOT has gone into it and now some tips can come out.

Pinterest Basic info:

You found it! How to use Pinterest for Business - FREE Advice - From: Ricardo - "THE - UK Pinterest - Expert"

Pinterest IS "THE" fastest growing Social Network & Search-Engine. Here is an update on progress - The basic numbers are here::

839.3k monthly viewers·Retired Serial Entrepreneur, Engineer, Designer, Grandad, UK Pinterest Expert. - "Welcome- my P has "Group Boards" + 27 THOUSAND FOLLOWERS here so far!
31k following

P is "SIMPLY THE BEST" marketing + organising web tool! This page explains - HOW to use P & why!

Tuesday, 28 April 2020

Pinterest Update

Pinterest Update - on its way!

monthly unique viewers
If I can find time!

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About Pinterest

"Welcome here it is" - How and Why you should be using Pinterest for both Personal and Business - written by Ricardo - Pinterest for Business Expert in UK - ALL the up-to-date P-info. is right here. + How to create  growing & FREE "web-traffic". All the VERY latest "tips and tricks" here on this one page!

Updated 27/12/2019 - I have developed this process which generates AND - targets traffic from P to your own website. Using this you can turn new web-traffic on and off as easily as using your kitchen tap! This is the "full" version "10 minutes to read". To go to the quick and simple version click here>
 Stick around here is "THE" page which explains how you can develop your Pinterest site and build THOUSANDS of followers easily and quickly+ how this creates SIGNIFICANT "targetted" web/blog traffic at ZERO COST+ you will be able to help others !!!
My own method detailed here works! "thousands" are using it right now! It is working everywhere - so stick around and read this OR bookmark it and come back.
If you want to test your own P first - I am accepting shared boards which can easily feed traffic to your website - All I need your web address or your own P address - I can then suggest the very best way. If you don't have a web address and want / need one I can set it up for you in a few seconds! (like this one below - just now setup for our daughter)
Every comment is welcome - I "need" to know if this page is helping you? Your comments can guide me what would be even more helpful ???
All information here is researched and tested by myself - Ricardo "recently-retired Serial Entrepreneur (struggling to stop working)" -
This is a DEEP study of Pinterest - it's keeping my brain ticking over! - What I first noticed is this: When researching the web for - "things" OR "inspiration" P makes this a lot easier: HOW-Pinning images using an organised board structure creates "Your own Bank of easy to find links" when clicked the indiviual Pins lead back to the web-page from where they came. With one click you have created a "bookmark - pin" for the appropriate web page + when clicked by your visitors, this results in "TOTALLY FREE" web traffic for YOU = "the site owner"! + "it also stops visitors searching again for stuff they have already seen". The Pins themselves carry the web links - so finding research stuff is easy -  how simple is that!
The cat here in the yellow hat has had:
100k+ Impressions AND 900+ Saves (so far)
I developed a set of daily P routines "ALL are described here + more pages with further explanation" - keep reading!
You are here, along with a thousand others per day - "ALL" web traffic to this page is generated completely FREE with my own use of Pinterest!
These "unique" processes generate targetted web traffic for you at NO cost. Using this myself I can turn web traffic on and off as easily as using our kitchen tap (see below)! If you know anyone with a website who would like more traffic (who wouldn't) - let them know!
The "most" important information from my study so far is here on this one page / after you see the tap is "Grumpy Cat" who passed away recently - "he was the most famous interenet cat that lived"You can see more of him here >
Grumpy the Famous Feline

Reading this page can take 10 minutes! For an overview there is a "quicker version" click here > Pinterest-quick-and-simple. Don't worry - understanding all should be easy - Please let me know if not! - I can "and do" update this in just a few seconds based on feedback arriving daily!
Pinterest is a great platform for companies AND individuals to create "pin boards" with content that has visual appeal + with your own inbuilt links ... Simply harnessing the power of Pinterest, you have a VERY powerful new tool in your own marketing mix.
All this info is new! > Over the last 6 weeks just gone - I have been managing my Pinterest board followers from 19K towards and past 20K. Leading up to 26K + The follower numbers changed from being fairly stable at +150 ish per day (eight per hour-ish) to a random = none for six hours then eight hours later 100+ all at once. It seemed like something was going wrong - I simply don't know but (the last few days are back up) - I am currently finding ALL the reasons for this and will update here when I have the answers! (nearly done)!!
We are now recruiting for a third trainee to learn P then teach others - this can be done from "anywhere" - email your CV to I will reply asap.
kitchen tap  grumpy cat  
I have opened my own Amazon sales account and am working now on Dropshipping (high ticket items). How this works is this: When visitors click "for-sale" pins the inbuilt link takes them direct to the appropriate Amazon buying page - Using this method Amazon handle everything + pay me 2% for from each sale (not much - BUT - there are NO costs for me).
My original thinking was to start by building a BIG following (this is now "sort-of" done + growing "again" / adding new followers continuously). My current thinking remains > that it is important to develop and grow a good audience of "followers" before experimenting with selling stuff.
For new Pinners! Shared sales boards and other ideas are welcome on my own P site (these are working well) - email me direct if you want to share any of your own boards. My Pinterest boards are now in the TOP 7% for traffic generation and continue to grow daily! This is now a highly successful project "you can read my entrepreneurs help - page here" >>
This page you are on is all about - FREE "Tested Ideas" to share with ALL P users both business and personal. The information is here to help you organise your own stuff + get things found. Pinterest makes it easier to find businesses (using inbuilt FREE web traffic generation) "that means ZERO cost advertising".
For research alone Pinterest is "a fantastic tool" e.g. I have collected and pinned nearly 2 "THOUSAND" pins all leading to "Brexit Stories" (How boring is that!) "I did this to demonstrate the power of Pinterest for research" You can see how my Brexit integrated Pinterest boards work on another webpage here (this is VERY busy right now): >
+ Here below is my Pinterest integrated Brexit "web page"  It's the combination of website AND Pinterest (2000+ pin links) that tell the story and drives the web traffic!
This page updated - 27/12/2019: -- I have followed ALL P News daily now for 24 MONTHS  - There is more every single day. The "quick view info is all here" click >>
If you are researching about starting a "dropshipping" or "affiliate - marketing" sales business yourself with web traffic generated on Pinterest I can advise / consult / help (contact me by email clickable links are below) -  A few weeks ago I was offered 10KUSD-$ for my Pinterest account - it had 12K followers then -  It's 26K+ now! so it must be the going up in value! I am retired and need my P account, (it keeps my brain active!). It will be 27K+ in followers soon - I hope! (these kind of numbers make generation of web traffic using P what I call a "no brainer")
Regarding the "Shared Board" part of the project (you can see this in action on my P site - it's the boards with photo circles bottom left) ! * I just added an International user stats page - (link in menu is above) - The dropshipping button takes you to a full explanation written by DD (he gave me publishing permission) and IS the "world's expert" on this subject. My own Dropshipping site (under development) is coming very soon. Dropshipping itself is a big part of what is killing our shops (my view is that this cannot be stopped). I live in Chester UK which is "WORLD" famous for it's shops "The Rows" we don't want to loose them that's for sure! I have an idea how to save them (it involves focussing totally on tourism!) - there does seem to be interest in this! - That's "INTEREST" NOT Pinterest!
Visitors to this page - typical spread - Now running at over 800 per day worldwide!
Traffic Map

water horse   puma  Best Cat Pic Yet 

Which Pin is a winner? + Who knows and why?

  + Here below are the answers to - "why you should use Pinterest for your business"
The recent Pinterest Capital Raising "was a success" - a "VERY basic (what I call) "quick and dirty" review is here:  
Founded in 2009, Pinterest provides a social media / information search system to find stuff and organise images, typically photos, recipes and short movies. The key to success is that many of these Pins carry clickable links to appropriate web-pages - “Pinterest inspires users to discover and sort images that they love and save these as bookmarks to info sources. It engenders creativity and allows easy / tidy collecting of ideas.” At the same time it is now becoming one of "THE MAIN" drivers of traffic to websites worldwide. It "simply" cannot be ignored by businesses - in particular where images are important.
P is simple to use but a very powerful and a VERY effective e-commerce / platform. Revenues from advertising are expected to hit $1.8 billion next year. There are worldwide, more than 300 million active users now.
Pinterest is in the top-five mobile apps. One third of users access their own accounts on a daily basis.
 P - Current valuation is close to >   $14 billion. (News here update as it happens)
ALL here is written by "me" Ricardo here in Chester UK ( ex-corporate business planner / 20+ years a serial-entrepreneur / now "sort-of" retired) - Visits to this page are coming from all over the world, I am answering all questions daily by email, you can ask here in any language (all my pages have Google translate built in) + if you send your website url I can advise free of any charge on the potential of Pinterest integration on your own website > (I usually reply within 2 days). Information here is updated constantly with developing knowledge!
I advise on: Help with setup and development of your own P structure including quick and easy "website integration" = the code for your own website and it's installation. Further services include help with monetisation, affiliate selling and drop-shipping. + An important piece of information that I believe is known to myself ONLY. How to generate and post mulitiple pins, "quick and easy" which ALL carry your own webpage url.
P is for sure the best way to grow web traffic at virtually NO cost! - "as far as I am aware" my own method describe here is unique.

How to manage - Viral Pins.

 I have studied how to develop and track "VIRAL PINS". In the last couple of months I collected the data on 120+. This process has involved, a good bit of experimentation, "IT WORKS" + has created thousands of web visits to this page - I am developing now "a process" to do this by specific location. I am not finding that as easy! If you know any reason please help! So far I have built 1 only "localised board" and that is for Chester UK. (Chester is a Roman City - small - but attracts a mass of tourists - this is a big part of our local economy) see: >> Chester Tourist Guide

 Should you have Pinterest Save buttons on your own website?

 Answer = "YES ABSOLUTELY AND SOON": Pinterest Save buttons encourage people to pin your website images + make this easier (this is what creates your free traffic). Once you install the P button visitors can easily save and pin your images which then automatically carry inbuilt links back to your website. If your images are good they are re-pinned - the result is an expoential increase in your website visitors at ZERO cost!  - How simple is that! (I always reffered to stuff like this as "a no-brainer" but so many websites are still not doing this yet!).

What do Pinterest themselves recommend?

I recommend that you also download / read the free "Pinterest Business Best Practice Guide" it is available to download right here as a .pdf file. This takes one minute only but worth reading! Here it is - click here > Pinterest Best Practice Guide I have referenced this in my project many times.
Further free info all about finding followers (this is good but a BIG read). Click here to download so you can read it off line when you have time! > Pinterest Followers Guide It's a (.pdf) file  Each pinnable images on this page is tested - I have made sure it is repinned and liked a lot - I have no idea why - I work with numbers - "mostly"!
poster    cat close up    bengal   landscape purple   

 So - step by step  - "How to start and how to generate new, no-cost additional web traffic using Pinterest".

It works. Do this "now" the result will be - more discovery and more sales for less cost!

The images here on this page have ALL been pinned by myself - the first one does well - the second one went "viral" and so did the third one. I am a "self-taught" expert at understanding how to use and integrate Pinterest in web marketing from a technical viewpoint - I understand this bit upside down and inside out. One thing for sure - if images of your products could perform anything even approaching the performance I achieved then your sales will increase for the lowest cost outlay imaginable. I have astounding figures as a result of this research.

 Growth of followers

 Here are the ways to accelerate growth whilst maintaining cross traffic generation (If you have followers growing at +10% per week) - my Pinterest site views are currently over 3 MILLION viewers per MONTH! - You can increase your own web traffic = Pinterest is certainly the way forward for you. (there are 85 thousand + Pins on my own boards so far)
It's now becoming expected for all "visual important" websites to have Pinterest integration - so here is more on how this works;
All images here "when pinned" carry inbuilt links directly back to this page. This is what generates the web traffic which, as a result increases daily. The 1st one you can see below is called a "rich pin" and carries live the number of times it has been repinned. You can see the number of times it has been re-pinned. From those the escalating re-pins could be MASSIVE! - if each new destination pin board attracts the same, in a short time it will have reached millions of views / "new business opportunities at a minuscule cost"

 What is Drop-shipping?

I am now getting many questions about "drop-shipping" and have recently started a second study (based on information you can see here) - it is written by Damien Defranco - "THE - WORLD expert on this subject". Good Cat Pic - I just keep looking at it but it MUST be staged ? What do you think?659Garden StructuresNoellas Cats = 21k + of them now !!!!  
 Photo to make you think    Photo to make you think    Popular photo of Log Cabin    Problem Solved - Pinterest drives new traffic    Dropshipping

 Image may contain: 2 people, including Gideon Durakli-Grace, people smiling, text    Beautiful cat - they like trees    Beautiful cat - they like logs  cat asking for food

The guy on the left on the "Karate Kid" poster (is our son Gideon) he "modified" the poster, the other pics are for cat lovers.

Pinterest ??? (many things to many people - now qualified as "THE" fastest" growing business on our planet.

All research here was started in 2018 "still underway daily"
I first published this page (after building visitors + followers) I know now that the "world" is very "P-interested" - more than just here on our tiny island of UK (where "by the way" we are VERY VERY SLOW in take-up).
 With more than "295 million" daily users and a growth rate of more than 40% per year, the indication (a fact even) is that Pinterest is fulfilling a demand rather well! It is NOT another Facebook which remains dominant in terms of group social interaction. Pinterest is an image, # "AND" word / "searchable" matching application with astounding/addictive share-ability AND top class functionality. + it is fun + easy to use! (those are the main reasons for P's astonishing results)
Our decisions are influenced by how things look - we all know that visual images are important regarding a high percentage of everyone's desires, interests and purchases.
In USA today more than 70% of females between 26 and 55 now use Pinterest "daily" for both enjoyment and decision making / purchasing. The male equivalent has now reached over 30 % !!. Here in the UK we "WILL" catch up or catch on - even us men. I have not yet discovered why we are so far behind these International trends (but I will)!
relatively new ability to record images and make comparisons of product availability and cost is now changing the way shopping works. Pinterest has made image/idea sharing "easy and enjoyable" + product matching and price comparison - "it's simple". - "drag frame on image + click" or with lens (pinterest image matching) "point your phone and click" (you are now looking at - choice, including links directly to a choice of suppliers info). 
Pinterest is now "THE" leading platform for image recognition, image comparison AND image sharing. (the Google of images with links built in). Many pins click lead directly to more info, advisors and, websites where you can review ideas, find and buy stuff quicker on-line.

 What are embedded P boards?

Here directly below is another working example of a pin board (it's embedded in this page and operates on a "live" basis) - I started with 18 boards in total as part of my research - increased this to 80+ including shared boards and sub-boards. All these boards are all connected "live", the one right here below has (20,000 + photos of cats!) - it could easily be photos of your products) - "I did say  TWENTY thousand + cat photos" - as you are reading this - right now - you can try by scrolling it - or read more and come back. I recommend you read more of this first - it's only a 5 minute read in total (you are welcome to take longer!) ! Note: the integrated boards on this page are auto-truncated for reasons of page load speed "click the invite to go to the full board".
Garden StructuresNoellas Cats = 21k + of them now !!!!Follow On
There are many untapped applications of this technology in development that is useful for most if not all businesses, as well as benefits for users.
The FREE Pinterest, "app" lends itself to VERY easy integration in 
websites. e.g. Images from sites can be saved and shared by anyone visiting (THIS IS FREE MARKETING). Importantly (here is the benefit), these images can and DO - carry inbuilt digital information links of real value. This means users can and do find more quickly the best source of the product, idea, service or experience being offered. This function (UNIQUE to P) makes Pinterest a "search engine" of amazing ability.

 It's now simple for most businesses

Thanks for getting "HERE" I am looking for comments to improve this page every day + have vacancies for Pinterest VA's -  just a short email would be well appreciated - You can send me a quick note or question via link below > "Thanks for dropping by"
Note: If you would like this page or to communicate with me email - you can use your own language email I will reply asap with a translated copy.

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One kitten was re-pinned 243 times in 1 hour!!!! (guess which one!!!)

 What is your P-Plan? - >

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Breaking news = 27/12/19 (UK election winner = Boris PM ) "BBC Brexit stuff Continues - Boris now needs to sort out Brexit! +++" -  (value of £) has gone up.
Any more comments please - email email richard - Here are three more "best performing" Pins! If you got this far you now know how to sell stuff on Pinterest without any cost to yourself = Build Your P site + Post plenty of links + Organise the Dropshipping NOW - "Sit back and count the money"!
Well done you got this far - now I need feedback - let me know what you think - >
"Thanks for visiting" (be-back-soon!)

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