Sunday, 25 April 2010

Business seminar and Rona Veranda

More weather news - as I said the heatwave came + rain in London for the marathon. A further aside from Garden offices Neil’s seminar on Leading Edge Thinking was a great success here in Chester with Comments like “Very informative, would recommend anyone who wants to be successful in business to come to this seminar”, “Well structured, well researched content, delivered with enthusiasm” etc, etc

Leading Edge Thinking two or Too not sure yet is coming in mid July. For more see

Will comment on this later.

Next week look out for our latest veranda project.

Rona Veranda drawing here>

Friday, 23 April 2010

Bothay is ready for final fit out

Weather prediction for tomorrow is "heatwave"

Just returned from site having prepared "Bothay" whatever that means! ready for second fix electrical and installation of kitchen etc. Here is the view from is surrounding garden:

Dylan is sweeping up whilst I take photos.

This building designed for the site is 10.5 m * 4.0m and has a covered area - you can see to the left. On the subject of weather, yesterday Dylan an I were sitting "grabbing a sandwich just to the left of this photo and a tornado the first one I have experienced at first hand passed diagonaly as you look at the photo - over the covered area.


Inside you can see the complex roof or at least a bit of it as the building opens out giving a massive 30 sq metres of internal space.

Just a shot of the covere area:

A good space for sitting outside in the rain - a bit more space to fumble with keys when carrying ple of papers and a laptop!!

Next week we move a previous building and start work on a huge veranda - bit busy but will keep blogging.

Sunday, 11 April 2010

Grand National Barbeque

We built a garden office 2 or three years ago for a client in Chester - Simon (the client) calls me to help out with Covered barbeque structure. Simon had organised a Grand National party having backed the winner last year "do you remember the odds" and was in a bit of a fix to get it installed in time.

I took the opportunity on re-visit to this site and to make video presentation of this tiny covered BBQ project you can see at . As usual totally unscripted with Dave back on camera and me - presenting - starting off in our workshop with sympathetic background and flipchart visual aid!

Our own annual family bets on the race failed to realise a profit this year but business and weather continues to favour us. On the next post you should see our complex roof building installation. Its Sunday afternoon temperature here is in the high teens and we are all loaded up to start sit-work in the morning.

Weather continues to improve - a promising week ahead for outdoor chefs.

If you have been reading this blog I guess you think I am obsessed by weather but if you had been working outside this winter "so would you be". A single wood burner in a 250 square metre workshop doesn't improve the climate very much!

Just a quick plug for my friends business seminar on April 21st you can get details at I am presinting the second session focussing on Differentiation and future trends in business - but may stray off into IT and predictions of coming impact to business. (one of my main interests and my career for 25 years before escaping to garden office design and installation). Event is near Chester and suitable for business leaders needing to review their business plans.

Saturday, 3 April 2010

New project starting (Complex Roof)

First photo on blog taken in our workshop in Chester.

I took this photo to demonstrate how we create complex bespoke structures. The building which you will see on site in the next few days is a large structure covering 40 sq m. It has been designed to compliment a new formal garden and cater for large barbeque parties etc. I guess now you can see why I like it!

The roof is nearly eleven metres long and fills a good part of our workshop as it is created before knocking down into a kit for transport.

Here it is.

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