Sunday, 23 May 2010

Outdoor Kitchens A List Celebrity "Must Have"

Phew weather is about as hot as it gets here in Chester.

Couldn't resist this - it seems I am in competition with Guy Ritchie, Jamie Oliver and Gwyneth Paltrow who all have (according to Times newspapers) see

Here are a few pics of  Ricardo's Pizzeria built in our own garden four years ago! Not practical but great fun.

Saturday, 22 May 2010

Rona painted Plum Tree Studio starts heatwave arrives

As I am writing this the temperature outside is 27 degrees (officialy a heatwave in my commentary) I have a couple of pics of the veranda painted and Plum Tree Studio concrete base going in.

This is a good setting for this new project but quite a long way to barrow 8 tons of concrete on a hot day. It is sometimes best to use concrete and this is one of those projects which requires an extra strong floor with no give at all. The building is going into full time use as a therapy studio immediately on completion. I will feature other photos. Weather permitting we should have the roof complete on Thursday. So no excuses - this is what the building looks like today.

I suppose all projects start out as a drawing and a pile of materials - this is the wood pile in our workshop ready to be converted - 5 tons of it to be precise! The redwood tgv boards top right would stretch a full mile if laid end to end.

Alex Johnsons shed book arrives on 29th May and I will feature a review of this on my blog - you can buy from Amazon now use the link to shedworking from our links page.

Saturday, 15 May 2010

Rona Veranda complete and Plum Tree Studio starting

Heatwave on the way and Plum Tree Studio is about to start. 6m * 5m therapy studio with two areas and dissabled access. Full plumbing and electrical systems and two mezannine floors. This is a bespoke project designed with the client to function as a treatment room.

The design incorporates a sliding partition to separate of a private area when more than one patient is being treated.

More next week on this - here are a couple of pics of Rona Veranda before painting:



This poject was designed specifically for the property to client spec and provides 30 sq m of covered space for family activities and outdoor entertaining.

Friday, 7 May 2010

Rona Veranda and "iffy" weather + election!

I remember promising costruction photos of Rona Veranda. Here they are our busy season is here and the weather this week has been cold and wettish.

This is a super outdoor coverd space and BIG.

Dylan and I installed the deck/base on Tuesday and the frame today - Tuesday we will complete the project and I will update the blog next week.

It creates an extension.

8.5 metres * 3.5 metres of covered space.

As I am writing this it sounds like David Cameron is acting sensibly - I think we all need him to continue in this way.

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