Friday, 7 May 2010

Rona Veranda and "iffy" weather + election!

I remember promising costruction photos of Rona Veranda. Here they are our busy season is here and the weather this week has been cold and wettish.

This is a super outdoor coverd space and BIG.

Dylan and I installed the deck/base on Tuesday and the frame today - Tuesday we will complete the project and I will update the blog next week.

It creates an extension.

8.5 metres * 3.5 metres of covered space.

As I am writing this it sounds like David Cameron is acting sensibly - I think we all need him to continue in this way.

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  1. Hi Rchard , Im looking to make some thing similar to that, to be cover with trapouling temporarily, dimensions; 6m x 8m do you have any idea as to spaces between rafters? It has to have planning? if the structure start under window celling?



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