Wednesday, 8 December 2010

End of year and very bad weather again

Been a bit busy!  Here are a few of my "lines"

Blogging had to take a back seat as the year became more and more busy. As to the weather it has not been favourable “to say the least” but working in the North West has had advantages over those working outside in other parts of our country not to mention Scotland!!!
My own opinion is that “if this is global warming” then let’s starts building more garden offices. No one will be able to get to work if it gets any worse and now we know super-fast broadband is coming it’s time to get planning.

Full spec timber frame 30 sq m building

In September we embarked on one of our most ambitious projects to date. A wooden cabin of exceptional specification:
  • · Size 30 sq m
  • · Insulation value (right up to current house building spec)
  • · Under floor heating
  • · Basic construction (all timber frame with lined internal walls and vaulted exposed timber ceiling) 
  • · Conventional drainage to main property basement 30 metres from site across a busy car-park

It could be accommodation, large office or a leisure facility – it is additional space for 12 children at a busy nursery.

More of our bespoke cabin matching kitchen work. This one has L shaped worktop and a Belfast sink at kiddy level. I guess they can learn here to wash up!

Before and after

A smaller but “I guess” a more enjoyable project followed as the weather let go some moisture and the temperature dropped like a stone.

A hobby workshop replaces a leaky old tin garage. We removed the massive tree and re-landscaped the area. You can see video of the stump removal at 
"what a machine named Carly"  Here you can see before and after shots.

  • 68mm solid timber walls
  • Our own design windows and doors
  • 50mm roof insulation
  • Full electric system

Moving on we built additional living space with toilet and kitchenette for an expanding family.

  • · Less than 2.5m high
  • ·15 square metres
  • ·Small bore waste system
  • ·Full electrical system
  • ·44mm timber walls 
  • ·Floor and roof insulation
  • ·Rubber roof membrane 

The budget was challenging but the accommodation value achieved is super.

Building temperatures on site were as low as –7 but our insulation with a small oil fired radiator will soon solve this for the family over Christmas.

Back in our own workshop it is a bit warmer (today –6 outside but +8 degrees inside. Even warmer near our log burner, which is making good of this years off-cuts).

Another more traditional garden office seen here in first snow of the year:

New Projects to come

Today we are starting kit construction on two projects starting in the New Year. I am hoping that site conditions will be better in St Albans on Jan 3rd.

Interestingly our client who has a business providing 3 dimensional modelling tools and materials made a model of what we should build. The lady next door was somewhat concerned about the development but when seeing the model was re-assured all would be OK. (An interesting approach and one that could be used when neighbours are concerned)

Here are pics of the model – check back in mid Jan for photos of the real thing.

  • · Two rooms
  • · Low pitch roof
  • · Just less than 50% of garden space
  • · Full electric system 
  • · Modification to existing concrete base adding membrane
  • · Roof and floor insulation

Our project of the year:

If I could choose a project for the year it has to be this family building and store where we landscaped the whole area and created a secure store (convertible to bathroom) and a family area with covered veranda.

It is on two levels. We did the whole of design and construction.

Seasons Greetings to all from Richard at Aarco Exclusive Timber Buildings

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