Sunday, 5 September 2010

Wizard creates Magic doors and windows

Wizard unveils latest Magic!

Dylan known to his mates here in Chester as “the wizard” has been with us just a year. His own workshop is close to ours - an aladins cave of inventions and shoestring engineering magic.

About 6 months ago Dylan took on the task of designing and taking into production a new range of Aarco doors and windows. The criteria was pretty tough but simple.

  • Better quality than our current suppliers
  • Lower cost to us and clients
  • Maximum investment in tools and machinery (£800 only)
  • No requirement for additional workshop space.
You guessed it – the wizard succeeded and on Friday he proudly lifted the doors  (above) off his production line and popped them in to our latest project. The client made good comments straight away.

The wizards melting pot contained:

Wizzard tools came in on budget

1. A 30 year old radial saw bought from a local retiring joiner for £200 to cut precise tennon joints and perfect squares installed in 6metre 2 minute collapsible sawbebch

2. A totally flat worktable made from a second hand palette and a sheet of heavy ply which appears like magic from our workshop roof-space inside 1 minute using wynch and steel cable cost £47 (most of this for the wynch)

3. A 45 year old planer thicknesser weighing in at 250kg (quite a solid job) mounted on castors and threaded floor anchors bought from the same retiring joiner. He is moving to Cyprus to live in one of our buildings.

4. A 200kg table saw which cuts to an nth in seconds without needing to plane the output source ebay expected life another 50 years. Mounted on screwfix hevy cabinet rollers the total cost was £225 found on ebay by the wizard and modified in his workshop to increase speed and accuracy.

The wizzard space saving workbench

When the Wizard came across technical or quality problems he used U-Tube video projection on our new workshop broadband

The oak top router table takes the prize – capable of cutting grooves, rebates and mouldings in finished units this table left the wizards workshop for ours in July for a total cost of £9.60 (that’s not including his time for another bit of magic)

Well done Dylan – the doors and windows will be on show at NEC Glee in a couple of weeks and are available to the garden office market this winter.

See more of wizards latest ideas soon (they just work!!!!!)

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