Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Log Cabin at Branksome Place and weather of course

As followers will be aware I have to watch the weather - "well" my prediction is if we don't get rain in the next few days I will have to declare it an official drought - the ground is dry as a bone, difficult to dig and for golfers un-watered greens are impossible to make puts on
 Latest + more on the log cabin at Branksome Place (Hilders)

I know a few people liked my post about the Log Cabin at Branksome. Even the Marketing Manager at DeVere appreciated some parts of it.


The cabin has had a bad winter (what would you expect when the roof felt is completely rotten)


Noella and I returned to Branksome Place as Devere gave us a really good deal. We were visiting to attend Tom's Wedding at Merrist Wood College in Guildford. Tom has married Hannah at last (he reffered to her as "the wife" for the past eleven years. If any clients can remember Tom worked with us on quite a few jobs around Surrey and is now a lecturer  specialising in arboculture (chopping up trees with a chainsaw). On one job with me in the North he stepped on a rusty nail and the hospital visit delayed the project + his Mum was not pleased (since this we have reviewed our procedures of course).
On the Saturday morning I took a stroll down to check on the now famous log-cabin and took a few more photos (they may well be the last of this beautiful cabin which holds so many memories. (see my previous blog on this subject) http://gardenofficeproject.blogspot.com/2010/08/log-cabin-in-need-of-restoration.html


The missing roof covering has left the cabin in a devastating rotting condition. The deck is dangerous and the doors are badly vandalised. Certainly this is no place to take your grandchildren and mine certainly won’t be playing here as I had hoped they would.

The roof boards are 90% rotted and a section in the centre of the log walls on the left has received a thourough soaking for years now leading to severe damage on the beutiful 190mm round logs..

I made a plan to save the cabin by chopping out the rotten timber and replacing the roof completely. It is still possible and of course over the last ten years being in the business I know how to do it.
The swimming pool is not suffering so much damage and everything else here is in top notch condition.

Sorry about this diversion but to us "Cabin Builders" it is difficult to watch.

Back to our projects.

One of our recent local projects on the Wirral is now finnished and the client has promised internal photos with Office and Gym stuff in place. Here is a shot of the completed project:

On closing this post - I don't know if I should do this - but for those interested in woodworking skills you have to see this I was thinking of claiming it was taken in our woirkshop but here it is http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YXW55S4X9zo heading towards 2 million views and anyone that has used a bandsaw can understand why!

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