Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Small corner garden office

I was asked by a prospective client today about our standard single skin wall electric system and where the wires went. We completed this project ready for painting in North Wales today - here are a few photos including standard electric system:

The wires are between the base / subfloor and the floor (this is a heavy plywood floor being carpeted) Around the perimeter is a bullnose architrave skirt drilled 20mm for all wires to reach the patress boxes in white plastic conduit glanded to the box (lightswitch, consumer or double socket)

Lightswitches shown here inside the entry door are positioned at normal height and the conduit rises to lighting distribution at the wallplate.

Lighting shown here as four bar spotlights are fitted at wallplate height connected by flex back to lighting ditribution. It is easy to add or change lights.

Outside lights are fitted here under the eaves.

Connection is nearly always by steel wired armoured cable back to the main property. Safety systems at both ends of this cable ensure safety on route and in the building.

The building shown here is of similar visual design to the Lugarde summerhouse range (once dominant and still available in UK). Our version of these designs have many improvements. All the timbers are redwood which is denser, more stable and has longer life. The corner post frame structure is rigid and prevents timber shrinkage becoming visible. Most importantly we are able to manufacture these kits at 20% below the imported cost of the Lugarde equivelant due to economic changes over the last four years.

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