Monday, 22 February 2010

Day 2 and dodgy adverts appearing

OK - so here's my second post. Hm... no comments on first one - I guess it should engender such interest that people have a view!

Of course I accepted the sponsors big G offer of using their adverts on our blog but I got a bit of a shock when the displayed ads were for some seedy stuff. I must be doing something wrong. Maybe it is what I am writing or just the way I have set it up. Maybe someone out there knows the answer?

To make this visible and fulfill the purpose I will need to write mainly about Garden Buildings. So far his year has been such bad (understatement) weather that anyone working outside in gardens hasn't had such a good time (understatement 2).
Fifteen layers of clothing and 60 mm of mud stuck to boots has been the typical day. Soon it will be spring and then all of you lot will be stuck behind your keyboards wishing you were "in my clean dry boots".

I guess-can't have it all ways.
I will try now to fix the ad content before anyone gets upset. One thing for sure I will not be clicking them - my contract with big g prevents this anyhow.

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