Friday, 26 February 2010

Building Weather to improve next week

My third post. It's Friday morning and we are at the workshop waiting for large timber delivery to complete the kit for our installation next week.

Weather forecast for Sunday in south UK is poor with lots of rain and high winds! Monday is the first day of spring so daffodils, sunshine and rapidly rising temperatures are on the way! I have packed my suntan creme but not sure about shorts. Anyway I suppose its better to be in the South next week than in Scotland, their weather this week has been appaling. Severe weather warnings every day - not what we outdoor garden builders need.

Business enquiries are good as they always as they always are at this time of year. It seems that lots of people are researching garden accomodation buildings and work from home offices (which is good for us). The keyword trends are tending towards longer search phrases - yesterday someone found us by typing into google "garden office accommodation building and outdoor bedroom in cheshire" - Quite specific and well in line with what we do.

Google were in the news on Wednesday for giving prefferential treatment to their own interests in searches. From my point of view I am not at all sure about this as they will only maintain dominance in the market if their algorithm concentrates on relevance. Looking to the future and as more websites arrive then relevance is the only thing that will matter as users continue to be more and more specific about requests.

Some of the search engine experts are saying that blogs on sites are going to be more and more important so I must continue to try. I am not really sure what visitors here want me to say on this blog so any comment on this would be appreciated.

Our planning permissions page has become more and more active and since the introduction in December of clarification in the previously "wooly" rules it seems that any interpretation of the garden building height allowance is now clarified. This subject is very important to our clients and we continue to update our information regularly. See new info here:
or guide only here:

Delivery is here now so must get on!

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