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Garden Offices, Studios and Rooms "The Garden Room Guide"

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The Garden Room Guide keeps cropping up in my conversations with potential clients. Their website is full of content submitted by suppliers of Garden offices, Garden Studios and all types of Garden Rooms here in the UK.

 The Garden Room Guide

A super website with loads of information in one place. Supplier reviews, videos, advice etc. etc. and a downloadable supplier catalogue – (all for free)!

Download Buyers Guides

The editor / publisher “Woody” is not that visible and it puzzles me (and quite a few others) “why is such a resource free access and free for suppliers to use as their own advertising?”

My curiosity reached a peak last week when I had a call from across the pond (USA) enquiring about a suppliers view of this website. My contact was intending to start a similar website covering the USA market. Well - my answer was “I have no idea what the business model is here”. All the information is superbly presented in a professional way and provides a great resource for potential Garden Studio, Garden Office and Garden Room clients here in the UK.

This website commands high rankings and good traffic (one of my SEO tools indicates more than 4000 direct high value keyphrase relevant visitors via Google natural search per month to the homepage alone). Whilst dropping slightly over the winter the Garden Room Guide has returned to traffic growth in our high season. These statistics would indicate that the total serach traffic on the site could be 12000 or more per month making this the most visited Garden Office and Garden Studio web resource in the UK.

There seems to be no commercial reason why “Woody” would do all this work on developing and maintaining this website for free. A good reason for information sites would be to make money via Google Adsense but there are no sponsored adverts. In any case practically every serious supplier in our market provides the content free (for obvious commercial reasons).

My answer to the enquiry from the USA was simply “I don’t know why Woody is doing this”. Maybe it is just a hobby and he really loves Garden Rooms!

I guess it is not doing any harm to our market or what’s more important interfering with competition that is always in the interests of the consumer.

Take a look  (if you have not already seen it) but don’t forget to read and view our entries under the Aarco label.

Recently we decided to use the more appropriate name of Garden Structures Ltd. But have not changed this on the garden room guide as Aarco is listed near the top of alphabetical lists of course.

I don’t want to finish this post without mentioning a conventional blog with masses of information for shedworkers and Garden Office workers in the UK. Whilst I am promoting information sources I guess I should mention Judy at

Apologies to anyone in our business providing valuable information for the Garden Office, Garden Studio and Garden Rooms market here in the UK.

We are currently preparing to install what I think is the most original Garden Room yet in North Wales. More info soon!

Any comments on this post are welcome from competitors, clients or anyone interested of course! And don't forget to check out our own website where you can find loads more info and all the info on planning permission you need.



  1. We don't know the answer either. Brave Post!

  2. Interesting - Woody contacted me via twitter to point out that the "business model" will be launched soon!

    Also I have thought it necessary to clarify my traffic volume estimates. There are many ways to estimate traffic for websites owned by others. Traffic is only important if it is relevant of course and for those interested this is reffered to simply at

  3. The "business model becomes a bit clearer" Tonight blank advertising boxes appear on the grg site. They are labled "premium advertising".

    So it seems that Woody has been able to build a winning website with content provided by practically all the suppliers in the UK Garden Building market and very shortly will be asking us to pay a fee for a premium advert.

    Ok I suppose we (suppliers) could all object or compete with each other for this space. If the adverts are clearly marked sponsored I guess it is a straightforward model. I hope now that Woody will come out of the "woodwork" and let us know who he is.

    I for one would never make any kind of payments to an anonymous vendor. Advertising is a legitimate business and the free world accepts it readily - so good luck and I am ready to buy "at the right price of course"

  4. I find this thing so much interesting. I love garden styles and I love plants.


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