Friday, 25 November 2011

Incredible weather for Garden Building

Seven Barrows Office

It must be global warming because there has only been frost on the windscreen of my pick-up truck once so far and there have been T-shirt days on our sites certainly within recent weeks. Mud on boots has been less than normal and recent projects have been quite demanding.

Bespoke office building at Seven Barrows Stables

In September we designed and built a fab traditional style large office of very high specification. Seven Barrows was built in traditional timber frame and clad on the inside and outside with pine boards. Office furniture and kitchen units were supplied by us to suit the style. Landscape was also designed by us. The veranda gives the building a “fishing hut” look as requested by its fishing enthusiast horse race trainer. Nicky Henderson. It was great to work at the stables where the horses received fantastic care and attention. They are expected to perform and seem to be doing so although “Long Run” was pipped for first place at Haydock Park last week and I lost a tenner! (best I stick to building I guess).

 Inside Seven Barrows Office

Chiropractic Therapy Studio

In October back in Cheshire we installed a Therapy Studio with waiting room and toilet for use by a Chiropractor. The building was installed within permitted development rules and between the trees at the bottom of the garden. Our small bore toilet solution was installed and two way switching for the covered veranda lights will make it welcoming for clients in the winter months. The tri-fold doors seem to be very popular still.

 Therapy Studio fits between apple trees

Terra Nova Rifle Range

An unusual School amenity building project was completed in mid November. A small-bore rifle range at Terra-Nova School, Jodrell Bank Cheshire. The building was specified by the schools trainer to comply with all requirements for Olympic standard shooting (at targets of course). 16m long and 5m wide the building provides for safety of the kids in its internal layout and special theatre style lighting for the best target illumination.

Windows are up to to avoid stray ammo!

A big long supershed really

Theatre lighting for the targets fitted by the Wizard

We are working now on a Grand design style project in North Wales.

The year is coming to an end I expect colder less predictable weather in December and January and time has been allocated to completed work on our own sawmill. The wizard (here fitting the spotlights at Terra Nova) has added new facilities this year including a forge.

Noella and I would like to thank all our clients for may interesting project this year. In December we are visiting Branksome Place again and I will make an update on the sad story of their rotting log cabin. Due in January is Thomas Oliver our fourth Grandchild making it two of each. We are very proud grandparents although none are yet old enough to be a help at our workshop (maybe soon!)

 Two of them

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